Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pillow fight!! .. .

          So,.. . one of my all time favorite memories, actually involved Aaron's younger brother, David, and my younger brother, Ryan. Back in the day they would quite regularly spend the night at our house, when Ryan visited. I would guess they were around 15,.. . and asked, once again, if they could stay the night at our house. Now, by "at our house" they actually meant, "in our living room". The boys were both particularly wild with energy this evening(even more than usual).. . and rightfully, i feared the worst. Sensing my reluctancy, they both, individually and jointly promised, that they would refrain from bloodshed in our living room. Aaron and I agreed.
          And so the wrestling began.. . wrestling,.. ..and body slamming, slobbering, snotting, bleeding and sweating all over our couches,.. .  chairs,.. . and our shag rug.  Just hysterical and disturbing boy wrestling. The sound of tearing clothing and underpants could be heard for miles around.. . along with the sounds of focused grunting and the occasional high pitched squeal. As Aaron and i watched this spectical, both in horror and in sheer fascination... , i felt the need to occasionally remind them of their "full of crap" promise they had made to me earlier that evening. Unscathed they pressed onward wrestling and upping their methods of defense to beating each other with our grab-able household items. Remote controls, Star wars light sabers... . and pillows. My pillows. Not just any pillows, my 100 year old ticking stuffed down pillows, i had purchased at an auction years before. Not that they were of any value, but they were less than sound fighting weapons. Frail old pillows stuffed with 100 year old goose feathers and i can only imagine the dander of 1000 heads, as well. After this- point i can only remember Aaron's hysterical laughter and the horrid sound of my own voice screaming,.. . ".if you guys even break those PILLOWS!!!... . .   DON't BREAK those pillows. .. !!!"
            Now,.. ..Let me pause right here. For those of you who have never seen an actual feather pillow burst,.. . we'll.. , it looks EXACTLY like it does in the movies... .except, there are more feathers. And why do i know this???-you might be asking .. . well i'll tell you, because Ryan and David,  ruptured a hole the size of a football in my antique feather pillow, in the middle of my living room... . over my couch.. .and on top of my Shag rug. Ah yes.. .i could have reveled in the sheer terror on their faces for weeks, .. . but after only a few moments.. . and a pile of deep breaths, we 4 (Dave, Ryan, Aaron and i) began the arduous task of vacuuming... . .  . . .. .and laughing. 
Those were the days.  :)  
Ryan and David 2005
- Save room for us in heaven, Dave, and thanks for being you.. .
(David Thomas Camp March 29, 1989  - June 20, 2010)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Motherhood has given me life. 
Those 4 little lives that God, so graciously, entrusted me with. 
(even having no credentials. :) ... .
 But motherhood has also made me painfully aware of time.
Feb. 2006.. . taken just after the birth of our daughter, Ella
It's astonishing how quickly a lifetime can pass... . 
and how much of it we end up wanting to relive. 
Even if not to change anything, but to just be there again. 
To soak in the moments,every detail we had somehow missed before.  
So remember to take a moment to soak in the time 
we are so graciously given, and be blessed. 
xoxo... .

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

*Let is Snow*.. . .

      Rarely does the earth appear so flawless, 
as when it is covered with the pure white miracle, of a fresh Snow fall.

     Life is beautiful .. .

. .. play in the snow.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let 'em eat Cake!

Tirzah's a whole year old!! Our niece had one of the coolest 1 year old Birthday bashes, EVER! Complete with pin the tail on the Zebra for the kiddo's and Chia Coolers of the  "adults"! Every single moment was a riot! Thanks for the fun, Uncle Jojo & Aunt Jessi, and most importantly, Baby Tirzah!!! Happy Birthday, baby-doll, we love you! :)

Snuggle in... .

Hot dryer + Beautiful wool sweaters =
 Repurposed Sweater Mittens :)
Fleece lined, felted wool Mitts for all the hands you love... . .
"purple-nurple".- SOLD  
"fruitloops".- SOLD
"candy love".- SOLD
"snow-cicles".- SOLD

  $20... . (+$2 to mail :)
Please feel free to contact me for purchase. I will update any SOLD mitts, and add any NEW ones!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Happy Day... .

What says love better than a wedding??  Not much! 
Recently we (Aaron & I) had the honor of photographing the wedding of one of my long time family friends.
It was the Perfect intimate family occasion.

Thank you,  Rick & Jenn, for including Aaron & I in your beautiful day. We were so blessed to be there for you.

"Fall"-ing behind. :)

So for the past few weeks i've been working a lot... .and trying to keep this thing current! So here just a taste, of a few of my favorites -from the past few Senior Shoots. (*whew* try to say that 5 times fast :)  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timeless love.

Recently, our family has had a harsh reminder of the unpredictability of time. 
We were never promised endless time with our loved ones.-and so it seems that the time we have, 
is never enough. This past weekend i was asked to photograph some pieces of art for a friend of mine, and in doing so, got the opportunity to capture a few images of her parents together. Her mother, in her 70's, and her father, in his late 80's, kept me laughing, non-stop. I loved that day. 
Thank you, Beth
Luckily, true LOVE is timeless..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Senior shoot sneak peek!

The only thing better than staying home with the fam on Labor Day, is heading out for a Senior Shoot at a gorgeous Family Farm! I had such a great time photographing Keith,  a genuinely nice young man. 
It was truly refreshing.
All the credit to his wonderful parents (Thanks, MaryBeth :) Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak peek of newest Family Session!

True family.. .
. .. real in every way. :)

Hi.. . :)

Outrageously anxious to get this 'blog' thing going.. .  Weird, Huh??