Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timeless love.

Recently, our family has had a harsh reminder of the unpredictability of time. 
We were never promised endless time with our loved ones.-and so it seems that the time we have, 
is never enough. This past weekend i was asked to photograph some pieces of art for a friend of mine, and in doing so, got the opportunity to capture a few images of her parents together. Her mother, in her 70's, and her father, in his late 80's, kept me laughing, non-stop. I loved that day. 
Thank you, Beth
Luckily, true LOVE is timeless..


  1. It was an amazing experience, Erin ... you captured the essence behind the work ... you captured my parents ... it was a joyous experience - thank you!

  2. I love every single tiny bit of you... ..